Fat Freazing


How does the treatment works?

CoolTech® treatment is non- invasive, medical treatment which works on adipose tissue and consists in controlling chilling of tissue, using some vacuum sucking flaps of skin within subcutaneous into an applicator, which lasts about 70 min.

As a result, adipose tissue, which has high sensitivity to cold, is permanently destroyed and becomes gradually eliminated by natural ways (lympathic system). Thisprocess starts after 15 days since the treatment and it lasts 90 days.

As a result, there is a general reduction of adipose tissue in the area which undergoes the treatment. Accessories and devices are authorised for medical use and have CE mark.

CoolTech – Fat freezing

CoolTechnology is a device which is designed for medical and beauty treatments aimed at reducing fat tissue by applying low temperature in a proper way, through a certain duration of time. The procedure consists in a controlled exposition of fat tissue to the action of low temperature.

The treatment lasts 70 minutes. An induced apoptosis starts already in a couple of days after the treatment and causes a natural elimination of destroyed fat cells.