Breakthrough in Aesthetic Laser Therapy: Interview with Dr Magdalena Atta-Motte

Dr. Magdalena Atta-Motte, a renowned expert in the field of aesthetic laser therapy, talks about her passion and innovations in tattoo removal, as well as the challenges and inspirations related to continuous development in this dynamically developing specialization. Interviewed by Irmina Przybyłowska

Where did your interest in aesthetic laser therapy come from?

I became interested in laser therapy while studying at the Jagiellonian University. This fascination was born from the combination of my interests in health sciences and the latest technologies. Over time, this interest turned into a passion that I can now share with others as a practicing specialist and lecturer.

Over the last 20 years, you have gained extensive knowledge and experience. What are the key skills that contributed to your success?

Determination, continuous learning and flexibility in adapting to changing technologies were key. Patient safety has always been my priority, which also required me to have a deep understanding of laser physics and its effect on human tissue.

Can you tell us more about your original R20M tattoo removal method?

R20M is a technique I developed after years of researching different tattoo removal methods. This innovative approach allows for much faster and more effective removal of ink from the skin compared to traditional methods. The method enjoys great recognition among colleagues around the world, which is a great honor for me.

As a lecturer, what are your main goals when sharing knowledge with others?

My goal is, above all, to convey complex knowledge, both theoretical and practical, in an accessible way. I try to ensure that my listeners can not only understand the mechanisms of laser operation, but also learn how to safely and effectively use these technologies in their everyday practice.

What are the biggest challenges in your job?

One of the biggest challenges is the constant need to update knowledge. Aesthetic laser therapy is a field that is developing very quickly. Therefore, the need for continuous learning and adaptation is crucial to be able to offer patients the latest and safest technologies.

What inspires you most at work?

I am inspired by the opportunity to help my patients and to see their satisfaction after completing treatment. Moreover, the opportunity to share knowledge with young specialists and observe their development is a great motivation for me.

What are your plans for the future as a specialist and educator?

I plan to further develop my working methods and continue international cooperation with research centers and universities. Education is my passion, so I would also like to expand my educational activities to reach an even wider group of specialists from around the world.

Thank you very much. I hope that our conversation will inspire others to further explore the secrets of aesthetic laser therapy.

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