Carboxytherapy is a non invasive procedure involving intradermal or subcutaneous injection of medical carbon dioxide using a thin needle. It is precisely measured, and when it begins to spread through the tissues, blood vessels are dilated. Blood flow along with nutrients is also increased, allowing for improved microcirculation, cell renewal, and strong oxygenation of the skin. The body responds to the application of medical CO2 with controlled inflammation, which stimulates collagen production. It comes to faster lymph circulation, which eliminates swelling and provides a rejuvenating effect. Carboxytherapy treatment is not painful, but during the procedure, the patient may feel a momentary, gentle spreading and tingling.

Carboxytherapy is currently one of the most effective and safest methods used in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. Numerous clinical studies confirm its exceptional effectiveness. Carboxytherapy gives the most spectacular results in the reduction of cellulite, stretch marks, dark circles under the eyes (over 90% effective); however, it is also used in trichology or to improve skin flabbiness.

Carbon dioxide therapy is considered to be versatile and is used in many cases. The basic indications for carboxytherapy are:
– flaccid skin, lacking firmness and density on the face and body,
– deep wrinkles,
– cellulite,
– bags and shadows under the eyes,
– double chin,
– stretch marks,
– weakened hair follicles and excessive hair loss.

During the first visit we always carefully consult the needs of the patient. In our experience, the minimum series consists of 6 treatments. Reduction of locally accumulated fat may require more treatments depending on the desired effect.

The duration of the treatment depends on the area on which it is performed and the dose of carbon dioxide applied. For example, the eye area lasts only 5 minutes, the hands 10 minutes, face, neck and cleavage or thighs about 30 minutes.