Customised facials

Our Facial Treatments

are designed to be anti-ageing, rejuvenating, cleansing, rebalancing and reconditioning your skin.
They are non-invasive, non-irritating and safe.
While some are exceptionally gentle, wonderfully relaxing and soothing, others are deeply rejuvenating for a great results in specific skin concerns and for smoother, healthier and younger-looking skin.
A Thorough consultation and treatment plan will be given prior to your first treatment. Please make sure to add a consultation with your chosen facial treatment if this is your first appointment with us.

Larens Bio-Peptide Collagen Treatment

– Nobel prize winning cosmeceuticals based on biologically active, natural fish collagen peptides that have strong anti-aging, healing, anti-inflammatory effects.

Energises and stimulates skin cells to produce collagen and elastin, fights skin pigmentation and discolouration as well as softens any irritation.

It’s an ideal “glow me up” and lifting treatment before important events such a wedding for example. Or your anti-ageing strategy for a life-time.

BioRePeelCI3 Skin Peel 

– scientifically approved medi products based on trichloroacetic acid (TCA) being as the main ingredient and other acids, amino acids and vitamins. 

Customised facials treatments