Cellulite reduction

X-Wave BTL

is a revolutionary solution designed for non-invasive skin firming. This system reduces the effects of skin ageing and regenerates and rejuvenates soft tissue.
The X-Wave BTL technology is based on the complementary action of acoustic and electric waves.
  • effectively reduce cellulite (even of the 3rd stage)

  • reduce local compact fatty tissue

  • firm the skin​

X-Wave BTL is used in firming, skin rejuvenation and anti-cellulite therapy – it perfectly improves cell metabolism – reduces swelling and removes by-products of metabolism.

The result of the acoustic waves is an
improvement in the tension and restoration of the natural elasticity of the skin and connective tissue, resulting in a visible and long- lasting improvement in the appearance of the skin

The effects of acoustic wave therapy with X-Wave BTL are visible already after the first visit! Already after the first treatment, skin elasticity increases and cellulite is reduced.

For maximum effects, a series of minimum 6 treatments should be carried out, which will
make the skin firm and smooth, and cellulite will disappear.

The best effects – cellulite reduction

can be seen after 2-3 months after the series of treatments.
– cellulite reduction
– cellular effect: stimulation of cell division, stimulation of production
of cellular cytokines
– increase of blood vessels in muscles and tendons
– improvement of microcirculation and metabolism
– dissolving calcified fibroblasts
– support of collagen production
– reduction of tissue tension
– analgesic effect

To achieve maximum results you should undergo
a series of at least 6 treatments * performed 2-3 times a week, which will make the skin firm and smooth, and cellulite will disappear.

*the number of treatments is determined individually